Alabama, US of A, May 25, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Never before in the History of this World.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “You are at the threshold of a spiritual epidemic. The awakenings of this era have no parallel with anything in the history of this world. Many times in the past the movements toward progress were abruptly terminated by the rebellion and its consequences. No more. Now the forward momentum is provided from on High and the sovereignty of Michael in your universe is complete, with His authority to adjudicate immediately any wrong-doing or confusion. Spiritual progress will not be stopped this time, except by the decisions of your own free will.

“A true revolution is never the result of the efforts of one person only. It could start by a small group of men and women that starts spreading an idea that becomes contagious because of the amount of truth it contains and the benefits that arise from its application. The ideas of the paternity of God, the brotherhood of man, and universal citizenship, are not new to this world, however, they have never been put into practice nor seriously and honestly considered by the inhabitants of this world.

“Many religious leaders from the past and the present have gained notoriety by expressing their ideas about love and equality, but their lives do not exhibit the fruits of the spirit. These are the leaders who despise and see as strangers those who think differently, or perhaps ask too many questions. Their mouths speak of love but true love did not as yet enter their hearts.

“New spiritual leaders must have the courage to live the life they preach. They should have a true desire to live the will of God and be the best they can aspire to be. In this way their preaching will be done by example, by their lives, their relationships with their peers, not by their words. This is the only way others can feel true love instead of just hearing about it, observing its effects in lives consecrated to truth, beauty and goodness.

“The spiritual leaders of the future will be able to overcome the apparent differences between human beings and transcend the lines of religions and ideologies, because truth can’t be contained and restrained any longer. These exemplary and exceptional lives, from an eternal point of view, will be the weight that will incline the scales towards the beginning of a revolution of light and life in this world.

“Those who are inspired to guide their siblings through the path of self-discovery will do well to remember that they are also students on the path, even when they are working as teachers, because truth is always relative, especially when viewed from your limited mortal point of view. The journey of growth in eternity will open the gates for greater realization, but it is here, in this world, where your spiritual embryo is created, to eventually grow to perfection by the co-creative contributions of man and God.”

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“The Father has placed in you the ingredients
to create a unique and original paradise” – TA. 11:11 Store