Urantia, February 13, 2014. (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Meditation is an Excellent Discipline.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “This is another short treatise on listening. I will endeavor to lead you deeper into yourself, but in order to do so you really need to sharpen your listening skills. Actually, listening involves both the head and the heart. The heart being the most important as feeling and discernment are lodged there. We have spoken before how the heart is the true mind in the body and the brain the material computer, where the necessary connections are being made and unmade.

“There is a great truism in the words: ‘What you don’t use, you lose’, and so connections in the thinking process will wither and die off due to lack of use. So if one has a potentially brilliant mind it can greatly increase the connections through continued right thinking. It is also true, that with laziness in thought, these potential connections become weak, but this ‘rolls down the line’ so to speak, as the attention given to listening also weakens.

“The fact is that over time, the more you turn within, the more the quality of listening improves. It is the inner focus which matters, so the outward noises become less intruding, and even when a sudden noise erupts on the ‘outside’, you will no longer be startled by this, because your habit of concentration has become so established that it has become second nature to you. This will be accomplished over time you well know, as you have tended to be scattered in your thinking, your mercurial mind has a tendency to hop, skip and jump from subject to subject.

“Meditation is an excellent discipline to quieten unruly and restless minds. God has bestowed upon you mortals many gifts, which as yet lay dormant in your minds, and can only be actualized into perfection in eternity, if the mortal chooses immortality. The question arises, ‘How does one go about that?’

“Actually, it is very simple and yet at the same time most complex. In a ‘nutshell’, one starts out with a belief in God, the Maker and Upholder of everything.

“Faith grows when belief is put into practice and comes alive in the activities of the believer through the exercise of trust and hope of a better future.

“To practice the love of the Giver of Love towards all others, head and heart will have become involved together and start to move into a greater harmonizing balance. In time all the components fit together as does a finely created clockwork. There will be harmony in the physical body as the great central nervous system is under the calming influence of the heart/brain, which filters down to all the nerve endings, in the fluids, tissues, bones and all the organs of the physical system. The mental, emotional and physical are ruled by the spiritual. As a man or woman thinks, that he or she becomes.

“Therefore, sharpen your listening skills by taking time to turn within and learn to listen with focused attention. The benefits accrued over time are enormous.”

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“You shall minister in My Name” – The Beloved One.

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