Urantia, February 15, 2014. (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Real Living Happens in the Inner World.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “We will speak on happiness today. True happiness is that joyful state that wells up from deep within. It is indefinable, yet tangible as for one moment all your systems sing together in harmony. This joy is not always reachable, because the mind might not be at ease. Humans are prone to worry and have fear, yet when they allow their God-Fragment within more expression, this deep joy will more often well up with the feeling that all is well with the world, because God is in charge.

“Once this joyful feeling has begun to surge, it can only be blocked by the mind. Therefore, to experience this and to take a hold of this deep joy, I desire that you come more often to Me into the Silence and let Me know that you are open and hungry for more. You need to understand that our relationship can only become more active if you give Me your total attention and willingness to cooperate. There is so much I would like to impart to you, but your deep mind needs to be prepared through your willingness to receive My prompts.

“You see, child, real living happens in the inner world, where true joy and happiness are to be found. This true joy and happiness cannot be found in the outer world with its tinsel and all sorts of entertainment and temptations. In fact, they keep you away from Me.

“True happiness cannot be bought with all the money in the world, because the human soul will keep yearning for true love and nurturing, which can only be found with God. When at last they find Me within themselves, they will have established that God connection, for this needs to be an active act on the part of the human.

“The moment mortals actively start seeking their God within proves that God is already waiting for them to welcome them Home, and the door to true joy and happiness has opened. The more effort put forth by the creature, the more joy and happiness it will experience, especially as it more actively seeks to cooperate with the Guiding Voice within.

“I purposely am using different names for Myself, for it really does not matter what creatures call Me, as long as they call on Me. Once you make up your mind that I am an indispensable part of your future, our relationship will grow exponentially. Our partnership will be sealed for all eternity as you and I both strive toward our fusion to become one. It means that in eternity, no one will be able to tell us apart, as our separateness will have vanished. Allow My love and devotion to flow into you, and a lasting happiness will surely be the result.”

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“You shall minister in My Name” – The Beloved One.

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