Chicago, US of A, February 14, 2014.
Teacher Hezekiah.
Subject: “The Path of Excellence on High.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Hezekiah: “The term excellence indicates a high degree of quality. Many people do not care about making things excellent, and many others are only willing to finish their tasks in the quickest way possible, rather than doing the best they can. In your journey throughout the morontia worlds, you will learn that you should not be content with anything other than your very best. That is the way of perfection – when your goal aims for nothing less than the best you can be and do.

“Your level of excellence may be different to that of others, depending on your personal ability to accomplish your tasks. However, the Universe has its own set of standards which you must attain, so your development will be on a par with your particular class. In morontia life you will progress both individually and as a group. Failing to reach the required universe standards of excellence means you will be left behind. And even though delays are hardly tragedies in your journey, meeting the goals set for you assures your commitment to live up to the potentials stored in you by the Adjuster.

“Unlike your earthly career, in which you sometimes were required to complete tasks for which you had no inclination or training, your celestial career supervisors will take into consideration your talents and likes before assigning you a task. Also, you will never be required to do something for which you will not at first be thoroughly trained. In that way, excellence is reachable by all those who will put the necessary effort into their assignments. Furthermore, you will not experience any ‘live or die’ pressure. If you fail, you will have sufficient opportunity to try again and meet your goals, before additional failures will mean real delays in your journey.

“In your morontia journey, although you need to progress through effort that accrues experience, you will be working in an optimal environment with sympathetic and highly trained teachers, so excellence is not only the right thing to attain, but also the normal, regular thing to achieve. On high, you will learn that excellence is not a way to project yourself above others, but to conquer your shortcomings and expand your potentials. Nothing that is necessary, useful, beneficiary to your carreer will be hidden from you. If you will just apply yourself, all will be provided, because it is meant to be there for you, not meant to be withheld.

“As you can see, excellence will be the rule, in your celestial career, not the exception. The ‘universal ascent trail’ is not something experimental. Rather, it is the path the Creator Sons almost uniformly prescribe in their domains. Billions have found their way to Paradise using these proven methodologies to join the Finaliter Corps, and billions more will reach their goal during this universe age.

“However, you do not need to wait. Even now, you can start to develop a taste for excellence by applying yourself to your earthly tasks, no matter how small and insignificant these tasks may appear to be in comparison to the celestial ones. Start now by going after the very possibilities of your potentials – potentials of which you do not yet have a clear understanding.

“I am Hezekiah, one of your Teachers on High, also following this path of excellence. I know of what I speak.”

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Even now, you can start to develop a taste for excellence – Hezekiah, February 2014. 11:11 Store