A Lesson on Touch

Urantia, May 23, 2012. (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on Touch.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Today in our discussion I introduce the subject of touch. This is new to you, because what is there to talk about on such a mundane subject? My dear one, touch is one of the most important gestures one can make. You have heard several stories of how people ‘were touched by an angel.’ This is not just some fantastic fabrication of childish minds. Indeed it is not. It is the celestial world reaching out to help you stay the course towards your eternal destiny of perfection. The point is that many shrug off what only seem to be little miracles, and pay no heed to the vital lessons they contain. There is also another type of touch, and that is the human touch.

“This touch is very important, and there is an ‘ocean of difference’ in the human touch. It is not just the physical touch but also the mental and emotional touch. You yourself have experienced how a beautiful piece of music can touch you to the very core of your being. The most profound moments in a human life can be through touch, a moment never to be forgotten as it remains vividly alive in your memory, easily recalled when needed. The question arises, are you aware of the impact your touch can have on other people? Think about it and see how often you innocently but thoughtlessly go about your day touching people. I desire that you become aware of how it is that you can make a profound impression on people. They may not even be aware of your touch, but this you do with loving intent and encouragement.

“At the present time, the human touch is very much needed, especially the healing touch. Spirit will use such an occasion to channel healing through you. In this manner, you can become a mighty instrument for good on the planet, because you can touch people who are unaware as to what is happening, and yet, they will feel uplifted in some mysterious way. They will only know that things are not quite as dark as they appear. In the same manner, you can reach out to others by telephone or in writing to inspire hope, and in this manner spread healing light world-wide. This is so needed at this present time, but the most important medium is your sincere prayer-time, during which you are connected with the Greatest Healer of all. You too can become a powerful healing medium serving as a conduit for others.

“To reach out and touch others in your time of prayer is the most effective way of all. However, do spend some time on each person or each situation, so spirit can do the work. You will simply be the channel -- the connection through which the healing power flows towards that person and situation. You simply can have no idea how powerful a sincere prayer from a believing person can be. This can make all the difference to the situation the world is presently in. The Almighty God will honor sincere prayer requests at any time, but these requests also need to be according to the divine will. So, always end your request with the words, ‘nevertheless, not my will but your will be done.’ In practicing this kind of touch, you involve the Divine in your work, and what better collaboration for powerful good in your life could you have?”

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