Just a Little Hint of Faith

Alabama, US of A, November 24, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “Just a Little Hint of Faith.”

Received by Oscar.

Teacher: “It is true that everything the child desires, and is in harmony with the Father’s Will, will always be granted. However, for human beings, the perception of the Father’s Will is so relative and distorted that the granting of the wish almost never happens. The times in which the desires of a human child are in complete harmony with the Father’s Will are very few. However, this could happen, and it will happen during your long individual careers of spiritual growth.

“It makes more sense to do what Michael did. Each time he faced situations in which his mortal mind had no answers, he always said, ‘let my Father’s will be done,’ and he moved on with his life. Many times mortals insist on achieving something they neither really need, nor will it bring any eternal value to their lives, as they repeatedly face failure. It is even worse when after a lot of time and effort they actually achieve what they desired, and discover that they get no personal satisfaction from this, and they have wasted valuable time that could have been used for a better enterprise.

“It is difficult for humans to know what they want, and to put this in reference to their eternal careers. However, the divine orientation lies within each one -- the presence of God Himself that can guide our efforts and our impulses toward activities that provide higher contributions to our spiritual progress.

“You need just a little hint of faith to progressively learn to trust and to let yourself be guided by the One who only wants what is best for you, and can see the end from the beginning. Human lack of wisdom and vision is totally complemented by the presence of the Father inside the human mind. Take advantage of this resource within you and you will be securing your spiritual success.”

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