Illawarra District, Australia, October 23, 2013.
Planetary Supreme, Urantia (Gaia).
Subject: “Coping with the Mundane.”

Received by George Barnard.

Mathew: “Should you so wonder, I’m here only on a break, and to check on your health on behalf of Dr. Mendoza. It is not I, who will communicate with you and give you the lesson. She is with you right now.”

Urantia: “I am the Planetary Supreme, I am Urantia, I am Gaia, I am your Earth Mother. Everything that is physical about you is of Me – of this earth. Not too many of My children realize that they have three mothers, in fact. Of course they do acknowledge the mother that gave birth to them. Then there is Nebadonia the local Creator Mother who provides them with a mind. Here is something for you to contemplate; that a great deal of effort goes into creating one of you.

“Today I want to speak with you about coping with the mundane, the boring and troublesome, the tasks greatly disliked. Few on this world are so privileged as to be excused from the utterly routine. Boredom can lead to depression, to a lack of self esteem, and so I will give you a win-win situation for these circumstances. The secret to overcoming such boredom and low self-esteem is to dedicate these tasks to the Father, to Michael, Nebadonia, or, yes, to Me.

“In dedicating these dreary and routine tasks you must do them very well, and with excellence in mind, you will find these tasks going smoother even becoming enjoyable. You will find it relatively easy to get out of the mindset that you dislike such kind of work, because you will no longer be performing these tasks because you have to; you are now presenting the results to the Creator Beings that placed you on this world, and who wish to see your personal progress.

“Visualize yourself as a colored stone in a giant mosaic. You do not want to be a dull stone, but a bright and shiny one. Imagine yourself to be a chapter in a massive book. It must be interesting to read your chapter. See yourself as a bright colored thread in an endless bolt of cloth. It is not for you to go unnoticed as dull or gray when you can make a delightful improvement to the pattern. Consider yourself important enough to improve life’s outlook whenever you can.

“You see, my dear children, the routine of dedicating all your boring and mundane tasks to your spiritual Parentage, and by performing them extra well, you will become a happier person, proud of your achievements, peaceful in mind, open in spirit. Your progressive ways will reflect positively into the Morontia Realm, even more so into the Spirit World. Beyond earthly understanding, your seemingly meaningless tedious tasks can progress your world.

“Think of Me, and this lesson, each time you set about dealing with the mundane, and talk to Me, for I love you all. I am Urantia, your Earth Mother. Adieu.”

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