Urantia, October 14, 2013.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “A Celestial Viewpoint.”

Received by Lytske.

Teacher: “Consider me to be an elder sibling endeavoring to give you some advice about how to behave on this fragile and most chaotic and backward planet. It is so sad to observe the supposed grown-ups on this beloved planet behave like little children in a sandbox, still screaming over ‘it’s mine, no it’s mine’, rather than accepting that all your playmates have equal rights to exist in this very space.

“We, Celestials, deem this planet to have special needs, so extra attention needs to be given her to help her along to mature planet-hood. Her spirit is suffering badly because of all the atrocities being perpetrated on her and heaped upon her innocent head. Truly, the amount of suffering and hurt she is undergoing, through the shenanigans of some thoughtless creatures living upon her, has no resemblance in all of creation with its innumerable inhabited planets.

“When in heaven’s name will you wake up and take responsibility for your actions – rather than being so selfish as to disregard others’ feelings and rights to exist – and urgently walk into others’ sandboxes and start misappropriating their toys and disturbing their peace.

“It is an abomination to the tender loving heart of the Father Creator, to observe the gross abuse of human rights still going on after one of His Sons came some 2000 years ago to proclaim the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man. Such is the ideal to strive for. Therefore, search your hearts and learn how you as a species with the precious gift of power of choice are capable of making the right decisions benefiting each man, woman and child.

“Ever keep in mind these three core values by which to live. Number 1 is centered around the quality of life, quantity is not important. However, what is important is that you as a species behave yourselves well in life; as this is crucial to your eternal existence. Number 2 is for you to accept each other as equals, and therefore accord each other respect as well as the same or similar opportunities. Number 3 is to develop the desire to grow and mobilize some of the gifts you have been given at birth for the progress of the planet.

“The eternal Creator gifted you all with a precious personality, which has no duplicate anywhere in all creation. All beings are individual reflections of the God-head, who only gave one commandment: To become as perfect as He is perfect. This is the very reason why you were given life. Have you forgotten or have you never made it your business to find out what the purpose of life could be? Do take some time and put your ‘thinking-caps’ on, or even better; turn within to that special Gift from God.

“Your Thought Adjuster – the God of your being – is ever waiting for you to make that special connection with Him/Her. She/He will always point you in the right direction about how to live when you take the time to listen within. Especially when in doubt, you can check out matters with your Guide from Paradise, who lives and works within to help uplift your thoughts to a higher more befitting level as children of the living God.”

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