Urantia, September 30, 2013. (Date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Transparency.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Thank you for listening to my prompt as I have prepared a very interesting lesson for you to record. It will be a lesson on transparency as not many people are as yet aware that they are totally transparent to God, and that it is about time they wake up and realize this.

“It will be as fresh dew on a promising new day to have this awakening to a greater realization that indeed, there is much more between heaven and earth than even the greatest human intellectual has yet discovered for him or herself.

“Transparency is first and foremost the knowing that everything is known to God, even before an event transpires. What humans do not realize is that there are many options in the making of their moment to moment decisions, and the most important decision they can make is the doing of God’s Will.

“You see, child, it is so very important to make the decision of loving another person each morning one wakes up. It is the transparency and clearness of such a decision which helps a soul to grow and advance, as this one command, to love one another, is embedded in the doing of God’s will.

“It sounds like a very doable thing, but in reality it is not often practiced. Can you imagine, if this benign virus of love would sweep all over the planet, what the repercussions would be? No more hidden agendas? Only love for one another?

“God would never instigate a law which is undoable, as this is the second commandment ever given, to love one another. The first Law is to become perfect like God himself is perfect. Have you ever truly paused and realized what exactly is meant by that?

“Truth of the matter is that you strive to become more loving as God is the personification of unconditional love and acceptance. How could you not love the Giver of all love and not use His love, so freely given, towards someone else?

“In times to come you will truly learn to love God with all your heart, soul and mind as you begin to strive in earnest to become perfect like Him. This then entails the transparency of being totally sincere and loving towards anyone you meet.

“Yes, I realize that on this dark and beleaguered planet, beset by sin and evil, this is not an easy road to travel. However, this is the secret: God always protects the ones who sincerely endeavor to do His Will, so this benign virus can unobtrusively sweep over the planet, whilst the angels stand by to magnify even the tiniest effort in this direction. You simply can have no idea how much you are encouraged by the celestial world.

“And may I add, even the angels are transparent before God and there is no hesitation in them to love God and all others with the totality of their being.”

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