Illawarra District, Australia, September 26, 2013.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Subject: “Finding Motivation in Contribution.”

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “It is only right that I should indicate to you that if you were prepared to document every instance of our communications you would already have at hand most of the information you now seek. Nevertheless my dear friend, we shall now proceed and officially record what it means to find motivation in one's contribution. Once more we have a complaint from a parent – a reader off the Urantia Papers – who complains about the destiny of her mentally and physically disadvantaged child.

“It happens so very often that parents of a disadvantaged relative bemoan the fact that this person will miss out on a Paradise ‘oriented’ journey, to find themselves at a super-universe, or even a local universe destiny. Such is not a punishment, but merely an indication that not one of us is the same as another. Here I remind you of your own comments of long ago that you could have been more successful had you been born in Midwayer. I guess there could be amongst my kin some who would prefer to be a Melchizedek.

“From a human viewpoint this is understandable. Here on this planet it is most important to be ‘someone’. In the Celestial Realm it is ever so much more important to achieve. The Celestial mindset is totally oriented toward doing the Will of the Father in whatever capacity one finds oneself. Those who fuse with a fragment of the Eternal Son can achieve the absolute pinnacle of satisfaction in their careers commensurate with those who are Father fused. Likewise is this the case with those who are Spirit fused.

“Rich earthly experiences on this planet are absolutely essential to those who are meant to be Father fused. The inability to acquire such rich experiences does not mean that the local universe or a super-universe destination is in any way less acceptable, enjoyable, or profitable to the non-Father fused individual. The idea that some in the family will move on to Paradise, whilst others are left behind is once again typical of mere human thought, whilst in reality all of those you will daily meet are your siblings.

“To this I wish to add two additional important things for your consideration. Firstly it is very important for your specialists in human genetics to find answers to the creation of more healthy and genetically more stable offspring amongst all races. Secondly I want you to consider that a great number of individuals who do in fact have the option of being Father fused do not measure up for this fusion event because of the kind of life they lead on this earth. Truly there are many of high and low standing that do not so graduate.

“Father fusion is a gift that is freely given to all on this earth, yet it needs to be earned as well. The promise of Paradise is there for the overwhelming majority, unlike on some planets where the routine is Son fusion. In the end analysis your greatest reward and happiness in all of the universes is the gift you return to the Giver of all life by your motivation to contribute in myriad ways. Think of this short life on evolutionary planets as being the do-or-die test for your further travels on all of the Father’s created mansion worlds and beyond.

“I am a lowly Secondary Midwayer, ecstatic about my opportunities to contribute. I am ABC-22. Adieu.”

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We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972. 11:11 Store