Alabama, US of A, March 31, 2011.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Only Gift You Can Offer the Creator.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Coming to Me on a daily basis is what will help you most during the adventure of life. The original plan for mortal creatures is that they acquire experience in the material world so they can enhance this life and later use the experiences. It is part of the plan for human beings to take advantage of their ‘resources’, which have been placed in their paths, and the main resource is the presence of God within the human mind. Hence your frequently coming to Me is doing the Will of the Father. Do not have doubts about searching what is freely available to you, and taking advantage of all the wisdom that is already part of you. It is your birthright, and the birthright of all who are indwelled by His divine presence.

“For the Father, one of the greatest satisfactions is the personal contact with His creatures. When you come to Me, you are not only procuring a benefit for yourself, but you are also giving a gift to your Father. Let me repeat that getting closer to the Father is doing His Will and this is the only gift a creature can offer the Creator, so thank you. Your gesture is greatly appreciated.

“I am the only one who can be everything to everybody. I can be a young one, who bravely experiences life with you. I can be an elder wise man or woman, who advises you on which path to follow. I am your Father who is always looking for what is best for you and expects great things from you, because I fully know your potential. I am your Brother because I have walked – and I still walk – this earth with you, and I know about your sufferings, your confusion and your doubts. I am you, because I dwell in you, and our destiny is to forever become one in an eternal life of light, peace, truth, beauty and goodness, lovingly at the service of the creatures of an infinite universe.

“This is the truth. This is the reward for all the human beings who venture to look towards God and ask what they should do to follow Him in starting on the road that will lead them to becoming one with Deity, while enjoying the benefits of that exalted union.

“You have been created for a purpose. In your world it is normal to consider that someone may have a talent or two, and that in all other areas of life the performance of this person would never reach the same level of success it could reach if this person would discover and take advantage of his or her talents. Similarly, your lives in the universe – your purpose – are based on the potentials that have been placed by the Father inside each one of you. Throughout your careers in eternity you will be able to explore your true potentials to the maximum. However, in contrast to what you may find in your world, in eternity you will discover that you have been gifted to do a million or a billion things that only you can do in a unique and personal fashion, determined by the plan the Father had for your existence.

“All life is indispensable, unique and original. All of you have been created to be a fundamental piece in the mosaic of the universe. Don’t let your limited material vision and the appearances of this world leave you doubting your value. Your existence represents a purpose defined by the One Who can see the end from the beginning – your Father who has loved you and has known you even since before this universe came into existence. Such is the value and the importance of the lives of human beings.”

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