Illawarra District, Australia, September 9, 2013.
Samuel of Panoptia.
Aaron of Urantia.

Subject: “Frequent Liaison and Permanent Prayer.”

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: “I studied the people on your beloved planet for a little more than five decades prior to the (1992) announcement that I would be your Teacher among other Teachers of Midwayer ‘persuasion’. During that period of some 7 decades I noted a slow shift from a generally religious and spiritual outlook to one with – let us face it – rather scant interest in God. Your inventiveness, creativity, and technological progress may well be the reason.

“Chiefly, your many varied ways of communicating with each other, and with wide audiences, has absorbed much of your daily hours, whilst with countless individuals their communication is almost their very reason for being! To the minds of many created Celestials, and even to us, formal humans, this is quite astonishing. There is no thought for the future, the present, or even the past in relation to Deity, which created you, and even nurtures you continuously.

“Please be ever aware of the obvious fact that the Creator – in the real presence of your Thought Adjuster – requires your love, your respect, frequent thought and liaison. Even the evolving Supreme, your Mother Spirit, recently indicated Her wishes to hear from you, by saying, ‘In time, countless of your brothers and sisters will commune with me, but for now there are few, so think of me often, speak to me, and feel my embrace.’ Here is our brother Aaron.”

Aaron: “I wish to add a few words about prayer. It is not the kind of prayer that goes, ‘dear Lord, please give me a pony, or let me win the lottery.’ Not at all, no! My kind of prayer deals with dedication. When you set out to begin or complete a task, consider that the Creator of all is with you ‘in the reality of your Thought Adjuster’, who indwells you. As you think about commencing the task, likely your Adjuster can input a more efficient way.

“Even today, my dear human friend, I carry with me a morontia facsimile of the papyrus scroll that accompanied me from Egypt to Palestine. On it was inked much of the wisdom of those times, a reminder of original thought, and revelation. Of great importance to me were the logic of total allegiance to the Creator Father, and the dedication of each venture to His Name. You too can live your life in this fashion of eternal commitment and permanent prayer.

“Your lives today, and for too many of you, are about sportsmen and women you mistakenly class as heroes. Likewise many of your movie stars are almost venerated. Little thought goes to the Father Creator who shared out with abandon such gifts and beauty in the first place. Not the support of your kings, presidents, political parties and countries, right or wrong, make you a ‘Urantia Patriot’ or Universe Citizen; your allegiance to the Father does.

“Pray daily in the way we suggest and live a life free of many concerns. Samuel and I wish you good day.”

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