Illawarra District, Australia, September 6, 2013.
The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “World Dominance.”

Received by George Barnard.

The Damascus Scribe: “Before we begin, allow me to voice a well-meant review of your need to overly think about our communication. I would favor for you to approach me whenever you feel the need to hear my voice or gauge my feelings. You have been ‘shedding your tears’ for Damascus, for Syria, for the children of that realm. So now you want to find out about how we, both Michael and I, feel about the deaths and devastation there.

“In any way I now express my feelings, rest assured they would account for the Master’s feelings as well. It was in Damascus where your local universe Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon reached the absolute zenith of His ability to read my mind, to know my thoughts, to respond to my input, and do this with flair and brilliance. It was in Damascus where your Master Jesus soon found Himself capable of translating and conveying His feelings most profoundly.

“Yes, with my help you may here opine. It was therefore that I chose to long ago introduce myself as the Scribe of Damascus. Those four months of most diligent work on behalf of our trader and employer, as well as the uneducated citizens in need of written referrals, were to be seen as the peaking of progress in our cooperation, communication, and understanding of each other. There in a well-run society, the Master and I excelled in our morning till night teamwork.

“How do I now feel about the goings on in Damascus and the wider Syrian world? I lament the demise of some great structures now in ruin. I deeply mourn the deaths of thousands upon thousands, and especially the pre-Adjuster indwelled. I abhor millions vanquished from their homes and lands, for together with the gift of personality, deemed to have been deserved, I additionally received all human-like emotions, not greatly different to those you feel.

“You must understand right now that a one-world government can not come about when based on greed – confiscation of the wealth of the masses to pay for the gambling debts of the financiers. You must grasp right now that you cannot unite the races, nations and religions through force. It will take a belief in equality and a celebration of the differences. It will take a common religion of the Father being in charge, with individual spiritual beliefs being allowed to differ.

“The present forces bent on world domination will not be those to see in the times of Light and Life. This world will still long experience these, the birthing pangs of the Correcting Time. There is little that you can do, other than what you do well, so stay with the task. The Gods will ‘dry their tears’ and try again, Urantia. I am the Damascus Scribe, already now looking forward to our next meeting. Adieu.”

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