Chicago, US of A, August 26, 2013.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “Life, Personality and Spiritual Life.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Unknown Teacher: “Life is the greatest adventure in the Universe of Universes, and life appears in many forms. On Urantia your human life is characterized by the divine endowment of Personality. Personality in association with Mind is the source of autonomous will and causes the emergence of the Self (identity). However, Personality, although coming from the Father, does not in itself represent life. As humans, you are capable of experiencing two kinds of life: Material and spiritual. Your material life originated in the living spark that marked the beginning to the evolution of life on Urantia, which is in line with the Nebadon patterns of life, established by Christ Michael Himself.

“Material life is basically an energy system to which the Holy Spirit, your universe Mother Spirit, progressively bestows Mind, affording the Father’s bestowal of Personality, after which the Adjutant Spirit of Worship makes contact with one of the superior species of the realm. In this way, each of these units of energy systems becomes a being with a specific personal life, which is called an individual or a person. Material life multiplies itself on a planet by procreation, also called reproduction or birth. Spiritual life, however, although sheltered by organic life, originates in humans by a different process.

“Spiritual life in humans depends on the birth of the morontia soul in the individual, through cooperation between the material Self (personal will) and the Spirit Within – your Thought Adjuster. In other words, when the individual, through his or her personal will, decides to follow the spiritual leadings of the Adjuster, this brings into existence the morontia self, his or her spiritual self, or commonly called the soul. Humans can have spiritual insights by themselves through the ministry of the adjutant spirits of wisdom and worship, which usually produces a religious life, but genuine spiritual life is only possible by the presence and ministry of a Fragment of the Father – your individual Thought Adjuster – inhabiting the human mind.

“Soul growth depends on your continued following the leadings of the Spirit Within, which always entices believers to support the values of goodness, truth and beauty in their lives. The morontia soul is essential to the acquisition of a spiritual nature, or to becoming a spiritual being. This is a process that may start on the evolving planets for those who become indwelled by a Thought Adjuster or on the Mansion Worlds for those who are not, but are to be indwelled by a Fragment of the Eternal Son or a Fragment of the Third Source and Center. For these, the Adjutant Spirit of Worship will have fostered spiritual faith in their material lives.

“Hence, my friends, your biological life in this world differs from all the other creatures’ lives because you have Personality and are indwelled by a Father Fragment that can, with your cooperation, potentially give birth to your spiritual life. This second life is called the ‘new birth’, an event essential to your existence if you are to ‘see the kingdom of God’, as Jesus taught you. After Pentecost, due to the presence of the Spirit of Truth in your world, Thought Adjusters have descended from the Father to inhabit ‘all flesh’, making humans bona-fide candidates for this new birth of spiritual life.”

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