Illawarra District, Australia, August 15, 2013.
Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “An Important Key to Progress.”

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: “Today, my dear brother in Christ, I wish to converse with you about what to my mind is a key to future progress on your world. There is no denying that your world has long dwelled in difficult times, and that right now you are at a turning point where you could well make great forward strides, or regress in enormous measure. Striking a comparison between Urantia and Panoptia is the means by which I wish to clarify your chances of great future progress.

“Whilst on Panoptia there were, and still are today, a great variety of religious groupings and subgroups, there was a common theme, a common direction, for all those segments of the one great spiritual movement. That common factor was the Thought Adjuster, that Shining Light indwelling all citizens. The Universal Father, one might say, was the local Hero, and every greeting between friends was occasioned by the mention of this Gift from Above.

“Compare with this the state of spiritual knowledge, or rather the lack of it, on your world. And it was not just the fact that Panoptia was more spiritually advanced than was your world at the outbreak of the Lucifer Rebellion, even though we see it as a major point, Aaron and I. There were other reasons why the teachings of the Master were glossed over, if not misunderstood. It was thought that the teachings of Christ become a religion, not too diverse from credos of the time.

“Whilst the apostles, ‘the now standard bearers’ of the Master’s teachings well knew of the Thought Adjuster indwelling their selves, they did not see this as being the case with the common people of the day. Many of the later monks, jealous of their ‘high station in life’ saw it as below their dignity to acknowledge to the riff raff of common burghers, thieves and dilettantes to be so blessed with a Spark of the eternal Creator of matter, life and nourishing love.

“Here you see the travesty of wars and crime, sanctions and disruptions that simply overlooks the demise of brothers and sisters for what it truly is – a grave insult to the Creator and His legions and legions of Thought Adjusters, clamoring to indwell their mortal subjects, and seeing their progress to a worthwhile conclusion in this earthly and most important first leg of a journey into eternity. Are you as yet getting onto the scent of this message, my friend?”

“This is the means to real progress on your world, and there is none more important than this long-ago forgotten key that will affect a wished-for outcome. When you speak to another know that you are also addressing God. When you assist another, you are doing His Will. Teach this to your people and your world will progress. Aaron and I thank you all. Goodbye.”

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