Urantia, August 14, 2013.
Teacher: A Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject, “Self-Healing Part Two.”

Received by Lytske.

Mentor: “We return to give you some useful and practical pointers on how to approach, work on, and achieve self-healing. Success depends on the attitude of the person, the intent of the heart, the motivation of the individual, and on the willingness to listen to the prompts of the heavenly Guide within. On this planet all thinking humans are indwelt by a Thought Adjuster due to the fact that the Ruler of this universe finished his Master-ship training here some 2000 years ago. Your planet has been singularly blessed with this event as not only the Creator gave you a Spark of himself to indwell you all on an ongoing basis, but also Michael (Jesus) gives his Spirit of Truth on an ongoing basis in each human heart willing to entertain those Gifts. These two gifts are complimented by the Comforting Spirit from the Mother Spirit, so you can realize that you are never bereft of heavenly help when you are willing to train yourself to listen within.

“The self-healing takes training, and like everything else, you all have the capability to learn when on a regular basis you set yourself to the task of listening within. It is totally within your power to open up your side of the communications to your heavenly Helper within ever waiting for you to do so. Of course, this will take effort and diligence in perseverance on your part. However, nothing of value is gained during any training when self-discipline is not practiced. Realizing a spiritual goal is also done with effort and struggle, but the end results are certain. This result does not belong in the arena of the world with its instant gratification urges. Indeed not, it is hard won. However, even during mortal life results can already be obtained due to the training in self-mastery, and now we enter the arena of self-healing.

“This becomes possible when a person is on a regular basis in the process of establishing contact with her or his Spirit from God within, as she or he will be prompted and guided along the way. In this manner a feeling of security and companionship is established with the inner Guide. Awareness of personal feelings of love towards self and others increases and the idea of having a running conversation with your self will come, especially when there is pain involved. You know about the saying that God helps those who help themselves. Therefore; initiate the conversation with your psyche and remind your psyche of the wholeness of all the cells in your body. Perhaps they are overlaid by stress and worry and need to be reminded of their wholeness.

“You do have self-healing capabilities; however this knowledge has only been practiced by some very few on the planet who stumbled upon this possibility. Therefore, an increasing awareness towards the Gift of life, and all inherent possibilities, are for you to discover and experiment with, firstly through honest, sincere and right-minded thinking and practicing the golden rule, always ready to love and to forgive. Summed up in a few words it means: To lead a God-oriented life by being in converse with your Spark from God within and making friends with your psyche, and to keep prompting your Spark to remind all the cells of their wholeness, especially the painful places, and thank God for all Blessings received.”

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