Alabama, US of A, March 22, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “An Intense Life.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Living with intensity is living according to the Will of God in every moment. It is taking the lessons that come to you, and ‘squeezing out’ even the last drop of wisdom available. It is also to master the art of patience and accept that everything has its time and will happen at the right moment.

“Those who live with this intensity are happy regardless of the situation. Yes, this has to be repeated, since happiness should be the normal state of human beings illumined by spirit, because they are capable of understanding that they are always growing, and always without hesitation or doubt, that they are being guided towards a wonderful destiny.

“Jesus cried, worked and tired. However, he never worried. He never wanted to know ahead of time if he would cry or suffer. He always lived in the present and He was always happy in each moment. Even while suffering He knew that after the pain a bigger pleasure was prepared for him. Could you live your life in this way? In this moment, here and now, what do you need that you don’t have already? Where would you rather be if not here, especially in this moment when we are ‘talking’ and you open your mind to realities beyond the physical world? Life is always wonderful. Each moment can be filled with wonder and wisdom beyond understanding. Happiness is already within you, so take a moment to discover it.

“An intense life is not a life filled with big adventures, deep afflictions, or great deeds. An intense life is a life of great discoveries – of self discovery. It is a life in which every day your mind and your soul are opened to a bigger, higher and more beautiful reality. It is a life in which every day you realize how magnificent your destiny is, as is your place as a true child of God. An intense life is a life of love, where the trust in the care of your Father and the confidence in a friendly universe make every place a paradise. The kingdom of heaven is not an institution that will descend from the sky, but a reality that grows in the hearts of mankind. The kingdom of heaven is not the age of light and life. The age of light and life will come to this world when the kingdom of heaven has manifested in the lives of all the people of this sphere. Do you see how today, right now, you can help to bring the age of light and life to your mother, Urantia?”

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