Urantia, August 3, 2013 – (date of transcription).
Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “Self-Healing.”

Received by Lytske.

Mentor: “We are a consortium of beings, which carefully monitors this planet, and with clear intent we observe who is awake with their inner lights on. We endeavor to impart some insights which may prove to be helpful to mainstream humanity.

“It is always so that we take the opportunity to drop some ‘knowledge-nugget’ into a human mind, but if the mortal is not totally aware or simply pre-occupied, much useful information can fall by the wayside. However, such gems are never lost as they remain in the thought-stream of humanity to be picked up on at a later date by someone who may benefit and pass the insight on to others, perhaps merely subconsciously.

“Most of the insights held in the thought-stream of humanity ‘pass by on the breeze’, so to speak. They are those humans who in becoming more spiritually awakened can grasp onto these ideas, seemingly out of thin air. And here we come to the subject we desire to instill into the human mind – that of self-healing.

“Know that from all your individual cells, from the tiniest particles onward, your precious body was built to serve as the temple for your precious spirit. It is a truly marvelous machine – a feat of celestial engineering. Think about this for a moment, as you yourselves had nothing to do with its design.

“We call your attention to the fact that it is for the celestials a horrifying thing to see how thoughtless and at times callous mortals so disrespectfully treat this marvelous machinery, which is given to them on loan, and which houses their precious spirit.

“With these celestially designed machines come build-in instructions as to how to replicate after themselves.

“When the human machine is handled with respect, all components, which contain the memory for self-healing, will do so if not interrupted by unnatural chemicals.

“Consider this, please.

“As mortals, your bodies hold the key to self-healing, but, and this needs to be said, mortals have quite gone off the track in caring for their bodies. At times it is truly shameful to see the disregard with which mortals handle their own or other people’s bodies.

“Think about how you sustain your bodies and how you think and what you put in these precious systems!

“Give this a timely thought and see where you can improve and add to this self-healing body, which sometimes has to labor against all odds to keep some semblance of balance. We will perhaps speak about this matter some more, at another time.

“May this lesson give you some food for thought to think of how you can keep your body healthy by taking more responsibility for how you treat it.”

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