Urantia, July 1, 2013.
Teacher: Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “Immortality.”

Received by Lytske.

Mentor: “Thank you my student, for accepting this lesson on the subject of immortality. Most people give this topic only a few brief thoughts, until some sudden need arises – perhaps illness, an accident – or a random occasion propels their thoughts to a level much deeper than they are used to. The Creator decided that mortals need to learn that they have the capability to become immortal. However, it is left up to them to make that choice. Their right choices are not foregone conclusions, so to help them make their personal decisions, the Eternal Son has given them a hidden urge – an inexorable pull to Paradise, which is hard to resist. Also, the Infinite Spirit has endowed mortals with the capacity to think for their selves. Consider now, that since you have been given life and a free will, something is expected of you all, and yes, there is a purpose to life.

“Numerous belief systems will tell you more or less the same thing, but indulge me, how come so few humans are truly listening and thinking for their selves? You all have a God-given brain, so start thinking and use it? Is it important how you use your faculties; is it for idle entertainment or does it accept some substance? Do your thoughts have meaning and value; something to take with you into life eternal? Do you think about what it is that you are here to do in this foundational life on earth? Yes, I am asking important questions here, as the Eternal Creator desires for all His evolving children to come home after the long ascension journey, during which everything needed is provided, for all to become perfect like He is.

“What other incentives do you need to put your thinking caps on and get going? The first thing to do is to make an effort to set some time apart each day to go into prayer meditation to commune with the additional Gift from God within – your very own Spark from God Himself, a Thought Adjuster, which was given to you when you made your first moral decision. The Creator gives you every help possible to make your life a success, so what are you waiting for? I implore you to take up this challenge and ask yourself if you are truly game enough to live a more conscious, God-centered life, so your life will become far more valuable for eternity, as you truly endeavor to bring some hidden gifts in you into the light of day.

“You simply have no idea how immensely rich you are, with all the gifts that are bestowed upon you, still waiting to be discovered. You did not really think that this life is the ‘be all and end all’? Allow me to clear up this confusion still rampant on this planet.

“I am a Mentor, having long ago started life as a mortal and I belong to a Teaching Group of Mentori sent out to the worlds of time and space. Like you, we are on the way to discover God on Paradise. The length of the journey matters not; the goal of immortality and perfection does. Give this some consideration, I suggest.”

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