Chicago, US of A, July 1, 2013.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Paths to Avoid.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Decisions and choices are what determines your path in your life’s journey. If you have made the most important choice of your life – doing the Will of the Father – you have decided on your direction and in time you will stand before Him, rejoicing in His sublime presence. Even so, the path of your journey can still present many side tracks, depending again on the choices you make on the way. So, it would be good to have in mind precisely which path to walk, and which paths to avoid. Walk on the path showing divine goodness, truth and beauty; avoid the paths of evil, falsehood and slothfulness.

“Evil starts with a rebellious intention against God or to harm another human being. The actual rebellious or harmful action can be executed directly, indirectly or even by omission. Your evil intentions may come to fruition by personal wrongdoings, by sponsoring wrongdoings of others, or even if you purposely decide to do nothing to avoid known or eminent harm to others. Evil is always harmful to you or to others. Evil comes always from self-centeredness with ultimate disregard for God and others. Evil infects a personality, at times so thoroughly, that it depletes all goodwill that can come from it. Avoid evil; choose goodness instead.

“The path of falsehood is to deny reality for selfish purposes. Fear and pride are at the root of choosing a lie to validate questionable actions. Falsehood can be of two types: Wholly or partially false. A total lie is when one completely replaces the truth with an elaborate, deceiving alternative. A partial lie is mixed with true facts. Once one starts on the path of falsehood, all roads ahead are false, because no truth comes from lies, so repent and turning back to where truth was abandoned is the only way out, altogether with a price to pay. Choose truth over lying.

“Absolute beauty is synonymous with perfection. Therefore, absolute beauty can only be found in the Absolute Gods, the Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit. Relative beauty, (fairness, harmony and integrity) can also be shared by God’s will-creatures, like human beings. Slothfulness is a lazy attempt at doing the will of God. Slothfulness comes from partial devotion to God, duty and love. It is not fatal to your soul, but it is, no doubt, a real source of delays on your ascending career to Paradise. To avoid slothfulness, constantly commit yourself to strive for beauty in the best way you can.

“Therefore, my pupil as you continue your journey on Urantia, avoid these paths, as they can bring you definite regrets in life. Watch over your intentions regarding these issues, and do not neglect purity, honesty and diligence. All God expects from us is that we do our best. Perfection is attainable, but not yet, for first we have to experience the pleasure of being good, the satisfaction of being truthful and the sublime joyfulness of manifesting beauty. Living responsibly in time and space assures your ascendency to the portals of Eternity.

“This is Prolotheos, your celestial tutor. Peace to you and all.”

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