Urantia, Sept 21, 2012 (most appropriate for these times).
Teacher: Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “Choosing Peace” (Part Two).

Received by Lytske.

Mentori Spokesperson: “Life is not meant to be used for obsessively gathering earthly possessions. Even so, the world appears to be functioning in such a way. Having been given life it behoves for all of you to wake up and become caretakers and peacemakers on this beautiful garden planet, whose beautiful face is marred more and ever more by thieves and robbers, to the peril of their eternal souls.

“Doesn’t anyone engage in deep thinking anymore to discover the why’s and the wherefore’s of life itself? Are you so bedazzled in your thinking that you all have become followers and slaves of the few, who are slowly and surely enslaving you to use you the way they see fit? Where does this materialism get the planet and its people? Instead of moving forward, you are en masse regressing into the dark ages wherefrom you came. Think of how the most wonderful inventions to benefit humankind have been suppressed, and worse, used for more efficient killing machines. Where is the reasoning in all of this?

“The many God-inspired inventions which would have propelled this world into a more peaceful estate, have been eroded, their inventors imprisoned and tortured. These matters do not even reach the attention of common folk. They sleep on and instead of being people have become sheeple, as they are blind believers of whatever the news and entertainment media feeds them, and whatever their leaders and priests teach them. Where are the true gospels and teachings of the Fatherhood of God and brother/sisterhood of humankind?

“You have arrived at a critical time in your planet’s evolution toward its destiny of Light and Life. It is appropriate for you to take responsibility for your spiritual health and well-being. Do not be spoon fed by those, who themselves flounder in the dark. They have become expert at covering up their crimes against the innocent ones on the planet, whose personalities are forever altered by what has been perpetrated against them. And these un-progressive, so-called leaders of the people are still following outmoded laws with the do's and don'ts of useless and meaningless ceremonies.

Please do favor yourselves by waking up to a more simple way of living. Start honoring the God within each one of you and work on a change in your hearts so you may gain the peace which you unconsciously desire.”

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Do this for me, and you shall wear my insignia into Paradise – Christ Michael.

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