Urantia, September 21, 2012 (most appropriate for these times).
Teacher: Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “Choosing Peace” (Part One).

Received by Lytske.

Mentori Spokesperson: “On this day of the Equinox, when Summer turns into Fall, many people are waking up and praying for peace on this dark planet, rife with wars and rumor of wars. Right now it would be expedient for you to remember that peace must begin in each human heart. The problem is that most words for peace are hollow, because they are not coming from inner actions to change the person from within. The problem is that these calls for peace, even though they sound wonderful, are machinations of the minds that have no origin in the heart, so worthwhile actions are not being taken to do away with all your war machinery. Materialism is seen as all-important, so there is hardly any room left for personal spirituality.

“What will it take for humankind – all thinking individuals included – to wake up and start thinking about time wasted on material pursuits? Truly, how will you feel once you have entered upon the next stage of your eternal existence? For this is the meaning and purpose of your life in the flesh, that in looking back over your life on earth you will see the good you have done as well as the time you will have squandered. It is important here and now that you fully realize that your becoming more spiritual must be your aim, if you are choosing eternal life during this mortal existence on planet earth.

“Will you be filled with regret and bemoan the fact that too little time was used by you to generate peaceful feelings towards one another? Did you practice forgiveness on a consistent basis? Did you remember to feed the poor and sick, who could not fend for themselves? Did you help someone who needed a hand to get back on his or her feet? What use were you to the planet at large, however little this usefulness might have been. Start thinking and behaving responsibly, as if God matters, always and in all things, for indeed, He does.

“It is the Creator’s prerogative to bestow upon each person the wonderful and precious gifts of life and free will. The purpose for which you have been given life, seems to be lost on most people. First of all, you are here to refine your character through self-discipline and for building on your life for your next stage of existence. You do this by developing ‘the love factor’ in you. This ought to be developed in the earliest years of existence by loving and concerned parents who only want to provide the best in meaning and value of security and acceptance to their offspring. This is done through loving discipline, so children learn from their parents’ example how to be happy and stable citizens.”

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