Urantia, February 21, 2013.
The Beloved One.
Subject: “Exploring the Unexplored” (a personal message).

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “The subject matter for today, ‘exploring the unexplored’, is a matter that pertains to the mind. This is the word your mind locked onto during this morning’s meditation. This is indeed an unexplored area of your inner world, and to be more exact, of your mind, which is still so largely unexplored. Normally in this life little thought is given as to how one can venture into a pristine mindal area. It needs to be acknowledged that as a mortal on this planet, you have mainly done your work without ‘outside’ help or instruments. You depended totally upon your wits, by no means an easy task. You indeed educated yourself without any formal schooling as a basis. One could safely remark that the fire in you to gain knowledge is still undiminished, never mind the years that are adding up.

“This is truly the ideal state to be in – to never grow weary of explorations dubbed ‘thinking outside the box.’ May the truth be known to you and others that this is the ideal way of inner exploration, and finding that most precious and priceless connection of the All That Is, in whom all knowledge resides. So obviously, to venture out, or rather inward, you can link up with that almighty Channel of knowledge to get the inspiration for your insights, whilst you really will have no idea from whence they come.

“This is the route to all inventions. However, one word of caution here: As many inventors allow themselves to hook up to the All Knowing, they still have no idea wherefrom arrives the richness of their minds. All mortals have included, together with their personality bestowed upon them at birth, many hidden gifts, which can in some small measure be activated and explored during their mortal life-time. Those gifts will be further discovered and developed during their ascension journey towards perfection.

“However, during their mortal lifetime, most humans are quite unaware of the unexplored potentials residing within them, living a superficial life, and skimming through life without delving into deeper, higher, and worthwhile thinking. This is a great pity, for there are few mortals on this planet who become deep thinkers. They are allowing themselves to remain shallow thinkers, at the same time being waylaid by hollow, worthless and useless entertainment, never realizing how truly rich they are, as their minds remain largely unexplored. This is the reason why there are so many regrets at the end of mortal life. When they wake up at the next stage of their eternal existence, they bemoan the fact that they did not live life very much differently, by exploring the unexplored.”

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