Alabama, US of A, March 9, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Let Time Run its Course.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Have you noticed how you start to write, and upon seeing the words you think you know what will come next, and instead the writing takes a completely new direction? This shows you that your mind is not alone in producing these writings. Ideas, images and concepts are provided to you at a speed much faster than you can write them down. Then you use your mind to make sense of it all. This is a more co-creative and productive process for all involved, compared to just ‘taking dictation’.

“I am your Inner Teacher, the presence of God within you, and I speak to you as the Father would speak because I come from Him and we are One. This is real and true, as is the fact that I am at your service and subordinate to your will. This is the gift from God to you. Your gift to Him – and to yourself – is to align your will with His, giving me the freedom to act, so I can take you to His presence, in His likeness.

“Your decision to do the Father’s will has been noted. You can be sure that I am doing my best to elevate you in the spiritual sense. Let me do this in my own time, for my way to do things is the best way. Have confidence in that you are already walking the best path – the most beneficial and satisfactory for you. An original path that is different from the path of any of your peers.

“Little by little we will work in closer cooperation. Little by little the things I desire from you will enter your mind. Accept my guidance. Accept that I am taking you by the hand towards your destiny, and even when at times the path turns dark and confusing, trust in me and keep walking. It doesn’t hurt to walk with happiness and enthusiasm, because I am pleased when you live a rich and satisfactory life.

“I know of your impatience but accept that everything happens at the right time. If we were to hurry the effort would be in vain, and there would be no gain for us. You are a creature of time and you must let time run its course. No one can plant a seed in the morning and returning in the afternoon be able to pick the fruit. The fruits of spirit require even more time to ripen. Wait and trust. You are loved.”

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