Urantia, June 1, 2013 (Date of transcription).
The Beloved One.
Subject: “Remember the Light.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “At the start of this new day, I would greatly appreciate you giving me more than a cursory thought. In fact, it would please Me tremendously if you would remember Me first up each morning – rather than already having your mind on your to do list – for the simple reason that your first thought of gratitude would be for your having enjoyed another night of healing sleep. This thought of gratitude to your Creator would invoke other thoughts which would elevate you to a level of thankfulness for the day ahead. Indeed, you would give me the chance to enjoy the day with you, so together we would make it our best day ever.

“Life would become far more interesting if you would choose and make this one of the most fruitful habits in your life. It would be so gratifying to God if you would remember me also during your days rather than when you are in need of my help. Life lived spontaneously, with your mind focussed in my direction, would greatly increase your consciousness of my miracle working ways. It would become an improved perception about how you are becoming a partner with your Creator God.

“Great things can and do happen when a human decides and makes it his or her free will choice to become a full partner of their Spark from God – the Gifts which share the inner life with each person on this planet.

“Think of how blessed you will be when you reach that spiritual development in yourself, totally by your personal effort and willingness to become more than you thought you could ever become in this mortal life. Think of what could happen on this planet if many more people would wake up to the as-yet-unrealized potentials slumbering in each one of you. Think of how the world would change for the better when all would start to realize and remember God’s Light within, how much brighter and light-filled this world could become if each person made an effort and allowed their God-given inner light to shine.

“And indeed start partaking already of the glories of the next level of your eternal existence, with increasing love in your heart for others. Consider the bountiful fruits of the spirit you would yield, all to the glory of your Maker. Your consciousness of the Creator would become so vast that you would shine like a powerful beam of light for others to find the way to their inner light. The Creator God desires that all his mortal children find His Light inside their selves. How this planet would wake up and move into the right direction of Light and Life, rather than languishing in darkness. Truly you all have the Light of God inside you, when will you start your own discovery tour within?”

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