Illawarra District, Australia, May 30, 2013.
Celestial Engineer, Isaac.
Subject: “Good Sense and Plain Reason.”

Received by George Barnard.

Isaac: “Three whole years and more have gone by, since we spoke. At least, this is since we spoke about anything of interest to the entire 11:11 Progress Group. Today, during the last few hours of my short repose on your world, I wish to talk about a phenomenon many of you know and few of you understand. It is a phenomenon with which I work all of my life because I am a specialist Celestial Engineer. I can take information and instructions from all kinds of sons and daughters of the local universe and install and repair almost all circuits.

“Naturally and understandably, Paradise is out of bound for me. Should I be able to open my eyes (up) there, I would still not be able to see anything, hear, taste, touch or smell anything. For that matter, I would also not be able to move. As well, there are a number of planets orbiting various headquarters that also have their ‘no-entry rules’ for me. Their circuits were universally connected well before my time, and installed immediately upon the creation of these spheres.

“No matter how gifted you are in this universe, there is always someone more gifted, more capable, or even more in demand. Still, I may certainly not complain. My mind endowments rival those of the Universe Architects, and my mathematical abilities exceed those of the Archangels. It is all directly related to the needs of the tasks I perform. Much as you see your planet floating free in space, there are myriad circuits connecting it to others within the local universe.

“Myriad circuits, my friends, morontia material cables, like enormous spider webs, and these are the facts, even with those of sound and sight, touch and taste, smell and ‘your droll sixth sense’, requiring but a sending and receiving station, as universe reflectivity always works.

“For now, I must say that I will shortly leave on a mission of great duration in a distant sector of (the local universe of) Nebadon. I look forward to my return to this garden planet of the Master’s bestowal, and I pray the threats of a third world war will ease, and that I shall find you all unharmed upon my return. As well, that you all make great forward strides with free universal energy. So pray with me that your angels shall manage to protect you, and sound minds can talk good sense and plain reason to firebrand and mad-cap leaders.

“I love this world and I love its people. You are so…”

George: “…utterly human?”

Isaac: “Indeed! Adieu my companion in reversion time and prayer. Don’t start any new wars while I’m away.”

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