Alabama, US of A, February 13, 2014.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Good Results”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Forget the bad news and the problems of the world for a moment and focus on your center, in the Divine Presence of the Father within. Let His peace fill your being and let the certainty of putting your life and your destiny in the hands of a trustworthy and love-filled teacher permeate your thoughts.

There will always be problems in the world. There will always be decisions that need to be made and difficulties that need to be addressed. Change and the possibility of unforeseen events are normal in this world. However, anxiety does not have to be a part of the life of mortals. Each one of you has been blessed with the source of all wisdom, and you can use it to acquire maturity in the art of living.

Life is just training to learn how to conduct yourself when the unexpected occurs. Norms of conduct can tell you how to act in a given situation, but only the experience of exercising wisdom through life can prepare you to act expressing the highest version of your being in any possible situation. Later in your eternal career, you will enjoy the certainty of knowing that your trust in your Father and your desire to always do your best will not falter in eternity, regardless of what you may face in the infinitude of changes and situations that await you in the adventure of eternal life.

The problems of the world are caused by the actions and the results of human decisions. It is not your task to correct the course of current events and it is not expected from mortals to gain wisdom overnight. Your task is to improve yourself and display to your peers the example of a life consecrated to discover, understand, and follow the will of the Father. Where there is error, offer the light that illuminates your decisions, so others are motivated to follow your example. Where there is mistrust, show the love of the Father that inspires you and brings you closer to your peers, as members of the same celestial family. Where understanding is lacking, bring your example of acceptance and trust in the fact that despite external differences – intellectual, cultural, or physical – we are in essence the same, beings learning to live in the kingdom of our Father.

Where will you find the peace and harmony so many of you desire in this world? Only in your hearts. It is in the deepest part of your being, your mind, and your heart, where the seeds of a superior age can start to germinate. You cannot change the way other people think. You cannot force others to discover the truth that is already hidden in their hearts. You only have control over yourself, but you can do plenty to inspire your peers to observe in your life the fruits of the spirit and the good results that can be obtained by living a truly spiritual life.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.