Illawarra District, Australia, July 9, 2016.
Cherubim “I’ll be Frank” and Alice.
The Damascus Scribe (Sananda).

Subject: “Where Your Future Lies.”

Message received by George Barnard.

I’ll be Frank: “As a rule, those Cherubim advised to engage in odd jobs, such as what we do in charting human temperament, don’t engage in the subject for hundreds of years. We did, tho, and still do. It has been worth it and it still is. However, will our teaching the action platoons of Midwayers be of some use? You decide. Here is your dear friend, the Scribe. Frank and Alice signing off.”

The Scribe: “Good day, my human friend. Perhaps today you may get an inkling of where your world’s potential future lies. On this occasion you may see where you all stand in our (Western) relationship with the substantial powers of the East. At this point it is now high time that we evaluate the sorry state between the needlessly warring super-powers, for indeed, WWIII has already begun.

“What is being perpetrated here is a game of cat and mouse when NATO soldiers are dug in at the very border with Russia and Belarus all along but just within the three Baltic states. A similar game is happening in the South China Sea where the Chinese are restless with so much foreign military navy shipping along their coasts and among the contested islands.

“I note your apprehension regarding this task, but I remind you that you were there during WWII, that you lived through it, barely survived it, that you studied it in retrospect and that you were told there must not be another war like it. You have also known since many long years that the beligerent West will be on the merciless receiving end of the next all-out war it starts. There will be no turning back once a major armament has been unleashed against a nuclear-capable foe.

“Therefore I remind you of what ABC-22 told you in 1972: ‘You are not a Specialist.’ It means, although you have often doubted the meaning of these words, that all kinds of tasks and projects can be given to you to bring to a conclusion. In this instance it hardly means that you must carry on a protest, no, not at all! It will be astute — yes, prudent of all who know the 11:11 Progress Group submissions — to recite a prayer to the Universal Father-Creator of all that exists.

Prayer: “Dear Father, I, your humble servant and subject, together with many loyal members and readers of the 11:11 Progress Group’s submissions plead with you to help us appoint Heads of State, Presidents, Leaders and Prime Ministers that are friends of all other nations. We are aware of the fact that war is threatening in Eastern Europe and South-East Asia to the potential detriment of our beloved planet and the well-being of all your subjects — present and future. Please give our Midwayers all the needed authority to stop all future wars. Amen.”

The Scribe: “With this prayer I leave you, my human friend. Fear not. For at present all is well.”

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