Oregon, USA, November 19, 2020.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Free-Diving in the Stillness”.

Message received by Anyas.

Breathing Before a Free Dive [Excerpt from an article by Emma Farrell]

  • Longer exhalation than inhalation – when we exhale, our heart rate decreases, so extending the length of the exhalation, even for a brief moment, can help calm the body and mind and reduce oxygen consumption
  • A pause at the end of the inhalation and exhalation – this helps slow the breathing rate when the tendency is to increase it. The pause at the end of the exhalation should be longer than the one at the end of the inhalation
  • Relaxed – a passive inhalation and a passive exhalation so there is no strain on the intercostal or stomach muscles and the heart rate is kept low
Thought Adjuster: “There are various proven techniques to immerse yourself in the Stillness. The above breathing technique used by free-divers could also serve as excellent conditioning for your dives into the Stillness.

“Place your focused attention on your heart center and visualize that it inflates with each air intake. Dwell in that expanded heart space. It is where we commune.

“Articulate a clear intention and follow suit with your heart. It is how I can stretch and expand my beingness within the complex strata of your persona — flooding all its molecules, fibers, and spaces in-between with my rejuvenating energies.

“There is certainly no better way to start your days. After topping up your energies in such a practical way, you can then fearlessly step into a brand-new day.

“Whenever you eagerly and consistently make time for the Stillness, you send me a mindful and heartfelt invitation to tag along. Hold my hand, and do not let go of it! I know the end from the beginning. By having me walking by your side, you have me as a loyal ally. Our mutual allegiance enables us to deal with whatever comes our united way resourcefully.

“Do it daily, and you will undoubtedly notice a positive shift in your human experience — a steady expansion in the outreach of our love-in-action. Your angels are also reporting for duty. What a thrill it is to be part of such a vibrant and diligent trio.”

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