Urantia, May 16, 2021.
Teacher: The Beloved Within.
Subject: “For This Is Hallowed Ground.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved Within: “I hold the curriculum within My being.

“It is only when you pay more attention to My still Voice, and truly endeavor to listen to what I have to say, that you can choose to follow My leading, so I can take you to where you may follow and learn the lessons I would have you learn.

“You learn the fastest through experience. Remember that everyone you meet also has a Fragment of the eternal God within them. Therefore, accord them with love, patience, understanding, tolerance and consideration. If you would like to be treated as such, be the first to accord this consideration to all others.

“Simply learn more from your Master Teacher Jesus, and how He lived His life on this planet. Follow His example. He was never in a hurry and He went about doing good as He passed by.

“He would pause on the road to speak to weary travelers, who might not have been conscious of their soul needs, but everyone felt better after having spoken with Him.

“He is a great example to follow, and from whom to learn to be mindful about the needs of others, which can only happen through experience as you pass by.

“On life’s road you will meet many weary travelers, who might not realize that they too, are the beloved children of the eternal God, who loves them as does a true parent.

“God is the ideal pattern for all parents in the way they are to show love, mercy and understanding, when their children err, just as God shows to each mortal. Human parents are only just starting out to become spiritual beings.

“It is through trial and error that you learn. Some learn faster, others slower, but to God, each person is equally valued, as God is no respecter of persons. Each mortal is of God’s creation.

“Sit in the Silence before Me, for this is hallowed ground. I will lead you into a greater understanding of how I desire for you to live.”

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