Urantia, January 22, 2013.
The beloved One.
Subject: “Personality and Personal Truth.”

Received by Lytske.

The beloved One: “For me it is always a joy to follow your thoughts in your attempts to communicate with me. Often the thought creeps into your mind about how different people are, even among your kin. This indicates the richness of creation, child, as there are no duplicate personalities on any of the trillions of evolutionary planets.

“The Creator God is aware of every birth in His time-space creations, for God bestows upon each new-born infant its distinct personality, each being individual reflections of the All That Is. It is God’s great delight to replicate Himself in this manner, and He rejoices when during their growing up they discover, each for him or her self, the rich gifts He has endowed them with. And yet, in this foundational life, which if they so choose will be followed by eternal life, very few make use of the most rudimentary of gifts. These gifts often remain dormant in the human psyche.

“It is well discovered how individuals can share a kinship but this is because they belong to various groupings, which is by design, so all can learn to get along with each other. Think about how difficult it can be to get along with a sibling. The reason why this is so is for you to learn the valuable lessons here in this life of getting along, for when you leave your body of 'clay' and carry on into life eternal, how would you get along with God’s children from other planets?

“You might as well get used to your differences here on earth – the different races, colors, nationalities and belief-systems, and most certainly the differences between the sexes, as God created male and female to complement each other, and be each other’s help and comfort, even a shoulder to cry on if needed.

“You see, with everything created, there is much greater purpose behind it all in eternity. It is one of the hidden or not so hidden gifts of extreme importance, that you can harmonize yourselves with others without sacrificing your inner truth. This also means that you work at finding your inner truth, without having to be spoon-fed by a priest, rabbi, or guru, who may claim to have found the truth.

“Most are learned because of the books they have studied, but you can sense soon enough if they come from the heart or from the head, since everyone has been gifted with a tiny part of truth, which is uniquely their own as the Creator God holds all truth in His being.

“And here we are back to the difference in personalities – some believe, while others know – and this makes it more difficult as different levels of knowing, between belief and truth, do appear. Each person needs to find what is true for him or her, and so the learning goes on, which is made so much easier by each respecting the others for their truth.

“In times to come another Son of God will make his appearance when the population of this planet has become more peaceful within themselves and begin to increasingly show respect and tolerance for each other. It is up to each one to start listening to the Gift from God within and individually spend some time in the development of their precious seed-souls.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972.