Alabama, US of A, February 4, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Life is easy for those who hear His Voice.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The greater part of human endeavor is generally without real worth. Learn to focus your energy on things of eternal value. When you do these things, you always obtain satisfaction and you will later feel that you have truly taken advantage of your time on this world. Mortal life presents many traps that have not been placed there by the Creators, rather they are mostly found by the capricious desires of the human mind. Remember how the Master asserted the validity of any task in life, by asking, ‘Will this take me closer to my Father?’ Another useful criterion is the simple test of time. If you lived a thousand years ago, would the activity you are considering have been relevant or essential to your life? Would it be relevant a thousand years from now? The real endeavors of human life are relevant regardless of the time, the age, or the social environment.

“There is always something you can choose in doing the will of the Father. At this moment when you have some free time, have you not chosen to foster your spiritual growth? This is always a good decision. You can also use your free time for reversion, as rest after completing a task, since those moments have also been put there by the Father. Enjoy those moments in a constructive way. It is not expected that mortals work day and night without rest, not even in the affairs of spirit.

“Yes, life is easy for those who hear His Voice, and decide to follow it. It is easy, not because the normal difficulties of daily living magically disappear. What happens is that many of the complications that human beings place upon themselves vanish when their triviality becomes evident under a higher light. Life doesn’t have to be hard so you can grow spiritually. Guilt has no place in the lives of creatures illuminated by the knowledge that they are children of a Father who loves them unconditionally. Even mistakes can be overcome and in time their consequences will vanish. Only iniquity – choosing evil on purpose, and with full knowledge – will separate you from the universal currents and take you to a true death.

“Rejoice with the truth that living is not a secret formula or a complicated process. It is simple: Learn to listen to the Fragment of God inside you, and learn to discover His will. Then follow His advice with joy and the spirit of adventure, and see how you grow in spirit and how you become progressively better, more like the person the Father has envisioned you to become, more like Him.”

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