Pray and Listen

Alabama, US of A, August 27, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Pray and Listen.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The connection with the Father is strengthened with consistency and constant practice. The traditional prayers of memorized formulas do not help to bring individuals closer to the Father. The faith invested in prayer is the only thing that can make a difference. It is through faith that the eyes of your spirit adapt to see the truth and the ears of your spirit are tuned to listen to the melodies from up high.

“Prayer Works better when it is spontaneous and personal. It is more effective when inspired by gratitude and the desire to be better. And when praying for the will of the Father to be done – which is the best possible outcome for you and all creation – the answers are provided immediately.

“However, even this higher form of prayer will not be very effective if you don’t take some time to simply listen and receive the answer to your prayer. When you pray you are directing your desires and your expressions of worship to your Father. After praying, if you dedicate a couple of minutes to remain in an attitude of receptivity the Father will provide what you need most in that particular moment.

“One of the most difficult obstacles you face are your human expectations. Your culture and your beliefs – often mistaken – have accustomed you to expect magical outcomes and immediate solutions to your problems. Even when you are after spiritual enlightenment you have pre-established ideas about what this means, depending on your personal background. In reality, to get closer to the Father is to enter a new and unknown world. It is not possible for you to imagine what you will find, because these things have no frame of reference in your previous experience.

“It is better to go to the Father willing to receive what He offers. Be like children who trust and accept that the care of their human parents is for their benefit and walk with confidence in the direction that their parents suggest for them. Often human parents wish to share with their children the wonders they have discovered in this world and the wisdom they have gained during their years of experience. These generous parents frequently notice that their little ones are not ready to understand these advanced lessons and the children naturally revert to their habitual behaviors. Wise parents understand that there are things that can only be understood through experience and they will have to wait until experience – the universal teacher of the human race – help their children obtain the wisdom they desire to provide.

“Similarly, your Father offers His wisdom and observes how often you misinterpret His advice and the inspiration you receive. He understands perfectly that you are evolutionary creatures and that you need time to mature in order to obtain wisdom in space-time. It is in your nature to put ‘new wine in old wine skins’ – to adapt the personal revelations you receive to the conceptual frames of reference from your previous experiences – because this is how you can start to understand something new. However, you should get used to leave your expectations aside and open your mind so new ideas can be better received. This is how higher truths will be experienced making your understanding of reality more complete and closer to the truth.”

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