Forgive, Let Go, Love

Metepec, Mexico, May 26, 2020.
Teacher: Divine Inner Voice.
Subject: “Forgive, Let Go, Love.”

Message received by Bettina.

Divine Inner Voice: “You can forgive when you stop judging. When you stop judging, you are free.

“But how can I forgive when they have hurt me so much, you may ask? First, look at yourself and understand that you also have hurt others. Who among you has never made a mistake? Is there anybody alive in this world who always makes the right decision?

“There is no good or bad. Things just happen. And in this process, there is evolution and change – transformation.

“The answer is Love.

“Those who love, do not judge.
“Those who love, understand.
“Those who love, are tolerant.
“Those who love, live in peace.
“Those who love, progress.
“Those who love, are being.

“Because I AM Love, and those who love live in Me.

“Those who love are not stagnant. They move like the water in a river towards the sea, which never stagnate and otherwise fester with impurity and disease.

“Those who love, flow.
“Those who love, move forward.
“Those who love, let go and become free.
“Those who love, live.
“Forgive, let go, love, and repeat.


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