Trust. You are not Alone

Metepec, Mexico, May 12, 2020.
Teacher: The Divine Inner Voice
Subject: “Trust. You are not Alone”

Message received by Bettina.

The Divine Inner Voice: “Humanity is going through an evolutionary process. Observe nature. Observe the natural processes of evolution and growth. They are inevitable. Things transform to complete their cycles and these cycles cannot be stopped or changed. They just happen.

“You don’t have to fear these processes. When you remember who you are and accept your spiritual nature you live through these processes with trust and confidence. Have you seen a caterpillar concerned about its transformation? Have you seen it trying to avoid the change? If so, we would have never seen the beautiful butterfly.

“Trust in the perfection of creation. What is happening to humanity is not an out-of-control plan. To doubt implies your belief in the fallibility of the Creator and this is not right. Our Creator is infinitely wise and perfect. Therefore, it is important that during these times of transformation you put your trust in the infinite wisdom of the Father. Do not be concerned if you cannot understand everything that is happening because you are limited by your human mind. Trust, not from your mind, but from your inner spiritual self that is connected to divine wisdom. Only there you will be able to completely understand everything that is happening, knowing that you are not alone and that there is nothing to fear.

“Your human mind may question the suffering, the illnesses, and the pain that afflict many during these times. Know that nobody suffers pain and disease in their spirit. All these situations happen only in the human dimension. It may be the time for some to continue their evolution in higher dimensions as part of the personal process each one is experiencing.

“Maintain the connection with your spiritual self, the infinite wisdom, the absolute and perfect creation, and trust; from that vantage point, be the light for others so they can find their own path. If you live from your spiritual being you live in light. If you live in light, you live in peace. If you live in peace, you life in eternal and absolute happiness. If you life in light, you live in faith. There is no fear and no darkness. There is light, faith, peace, and eternal life.

“Trust. You are not alone. Live.”

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