It May Seem Simple

Alabama, US of A, August 19, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “It May Seem Simple.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “You are an ascendant child of God living a mortal experience. This experience is the foundation of your future career toward perfection. The achievements you make in this early stage of your life will stay with you for eternity. It is expected of you that you develop enough faith to overcome the natural material inertia and start your spiritual journey. This is only possible when you start to understand the will of the Father. Then you will wish to know more about this divine will and you will be attracted by the truth, beauty, and goodness expressed by it, consciously deciding to dedicate your life to His will.

“This is what is expected of human beings in this life. It may seem simple, but this represents an effort to become the best a human being can aspire to be – the achievement of the hidden potential. When a creature has ‘fallen in love’ so deeply with her Father that she wishes with all her heart to be like Him and to offer her service to the entire creation, a creative impulse is produced that is capable to transform that creature regardless or her background, culture, intelligence, or any other limitation.

“Many confuse human glory with eternal glory. Often you look with admiration the great men and women of your world, jewels of great intellectual or artistic achievements. However, for the Father, each creature who makes a sincere effort to grow and be better each day is really demonstrating true human greatness. Yes, it is possible to be in the worst circumstances and to lack all motivation for spiritual progress, and yet be able to develop a devotion capable of overcoming all obstacles and provide a good opportunity of survival for the soul.

“Do not underestimate the achievements of those who seem to languish in traditional religions of fear and petrified truths. Every belief, hope, or idea that elevates the mind and the soul of a mortal to a place closer to the Father has eternal value. Those who speak directly to the Father are not greater than those who repeat verbatim the same primitive prayer with faith and hope. The method, the beliefs, or the apparent limitations are not important. The important thing – that which can save a human soul – is the sincere desire to find God and be like Him. Each path you find that leads you to the Father will be the right way, because when you extend you hand to heaven the Father will hold it and bring you closer to your eternal destiny, revealing higher and more complete truths as you become prepared to accept, understand and use them in a positive way.”

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