True Freedom

Metepec, Mexico, April 20, 2020.
Teacher: The Divine Inner Voice
Subject: “True Freedom.”

Message received by Bettina.

The Divine Inner Voice: “There are many who claim to be free, but in reality, they are not. There are great chains that hinder their life, because true freedom is experienced within.

“It is time to reclaim your freedom. You are the only one who can remove those chains. You have the keys to remove them, forever.

“The first key is forgiveness.

“Forgiveness will remove the chains of resentment. Forgiveness will remove the chains of the past, those heavy chains that do not let you move on.

“Forgive, forgive, and let go. Forgive and forgive yourself, so you can walk forward with lighter steps.

“The chains of rancor, resentment, and forgiveness withheld, tie you to the past and prevent you from moving forward.

“There is a second key that will remove the chains of fear. This key is faith. Faith obliterates fear and you can only experience faith when you learn to control your thoughts. Be free. When you are free you decide what thoughts you entertain, you decide what you want to read, and you decide what you want to hear.

“Fear paralyzes you; it does not let you see, it does not let you breath. Break the chains, be free, and trust.

“The third key that will bring you complete freedom is love. Love is unconditional. Love yourself unconditionally. When you love yourself you love Me, because I inhabit within you.

“Love yourself in such a way that you can realize you have everything you need to be happy, to experience peace, and to be well. Love yourself, so you can love others. Nobody can give what they do not have. You cannot love others unconditionally if you don’t love yourself unconditionally.

“Forgiveness, faith, and love, are the three keys that will remove the chains so you can fly free, light, and moving forward. Live.”

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