A Perfect Day

Alabama, US of A, August 9, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Perfect Day.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “There will be days when you will not come to Me with questions or concerns. There will be days when everything seems to be perfect and you feel nothing is missing. With time, these days will become more frequent, since even when you have a long way to go to reach the goal of the ages, each moment of your life is truly perfect when you realize that your Father in heaven is always with you and that there is no separation between you and your Father.

“This is the peace the Master promised to all who enter the kingdom. This is why He said that the kingdom of heaven is within the hearts and the minds of all men and women in this world. Observe how nothing has changed in your external world, but your inner world has expanded, and new realities, values, and meanings have become part of your existence.

“What would be the implications for your life if most of your days are like this day, filled with peace and gratefulness? Your life would certainly be heaven on earth, a personal age of light and life. You would forget the rush and useless anxiety of the material world and you will live completely in the present, the only moment in which you can make the decisions that promote your spiritual growth. You will live truly awakened, walking on this world with the consciousness of doing exactly what you have to do to prepare for the next worlds.

“This peace you experience from time to time is contagious. It is a spiritual fragrance that others can perceive and they will want to share more of it. This is how the doorways of faith and imagination are opened in the souls of your peers. If you become an authentic illustration of the spiritual fruits, others will notice and they will want to know how can they enjoy the same benefits in their own lives. This way you will be an elixir of peace among those around you. Where there is fear you will bring certainty. Where there is doubt you will bring faith. Where there is mistrust you will bring love, because everywhere you go the spiritual fruits you have so carefully reaped will go with you, and the love of God that has filled your heart will naturally overflow the limits of your being. Then with increasing fidelity you will be becoming a channel of expression for goodness, beauty and truth in this world.”

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