Recipe for a Quantum Leap

Oregon, July15, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “Recipe for a Quantum Leap.”

Message received by Anyas

Thought Adjuster: “When you set out to initiate our dialogue, an effective way to empty your mind and make it standstill in the Now Moment's expansiveness is to do a countdown from 10 to 0—zero being the absence of time. As well, close your eyes to disengage from your spatial reality. Bring your attention to your third eye or heart chakra. It is how you successfully ‘pause’ your time-space experience to connect with My timeless and spaceless Infinity—quite a quantum leap on your part.

“As you reach a state of heightened consciousness, My Peace will flood you, since you operate in a state of trustful surrender. Knowing that I take your highest good to heart, our intimate encounters will leave a positive mark on your overall wellbeing after you reenter the busyness of your temporal living quarters.

“It is how we interact meaningfully. You confide in Me candidly; I listen attentively and provide My enlightening feedback with the means at hand. I patiently coach you to upgrade the quality of your inner life, which will transpire in all your interactions.

“You do have the final say, as I will never impinge on your free-will privilege. I applaud your judicious decisions, giving them My Vote of Confidence, as well as investing ‘seed-money’ in your worthwhile endeavors—synergizing your energies with Mine. Whenever we have a difference of opinion, I relegate Myself to a standby mode. Either way, you are my experiential teacher of the human condition's ins and outs and ups and downs.

“Form the recommendable habit to consult with Me before making weighty decisions, ending each debate with the humble statement that it is your will to do Mine. I will then help you arrange all the decisional elements in their rightful place, prompting you to make the best-informed decision. After this has occurred, you will find yourself in a better strategic position than before.

“Bottom line, do not make impulsive decisions unless they are prompted by My cheerful thumb up that will register in your heart, leaving no room for doubt.”

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