By Their Own Merit

Alabama, US of A, August 8, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “By Their Own Merit.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The Father lives life with His children because of His supreme desire to understand their experiences and be increasingly closer to them. The eternal wisdom of the Father contains all time and space, but seeing how the mortals live their experiences in time-space from their limited point of view – seeing creation not like the Father but from the opposite end – provides additional wisdom and experiences to the Father. Only this way He can understand His creatures better and produce beings similar to Himself from the animal raw materials of the evolutionary worlds.

“By participating in the process of discovering God in the life of a creature, the Father discovers an additional manifestation of Himself – a new way to express Himself and to be perceived by the rest of His creation, in a new and original way. This way, mortal beings become a part of the Father by fusing with their Thought Adjusters, also becoming a new eternal expression of the Father. These finaliters project the image of God they have come to understand through their extensive ascending careers, always in a unique and original way.

“This is how God gives more of Himself to His creation. He desires above all things to be loved and understood by His creatures and, because of His infinity, He must find progressive methods to reveal and show Himself more completely to all His universal children. The love of God can only be comprehended when you get to know your loving Father. Only when your understanding of His unconditional love becomes clearer, you can return His love with a similar quality. The degree of intensity of your divine love – the love you project from your being – depends on your understanding of the love you receive from God.

“Just like a human father wishes that his children reach the maturity that allows them to understand better his motivations and his actions, discovering the great love he feels for them, your Father also wishes that His creatures in the great universe understand that they are loved above all things. The Father could have chosen to create all His creatures perfect, but by creating mortal beings – the lowest level of existence – He offered them the opportunity to discover divinity in their own terms, so they can freely make a decision about the validity of the universal plan.

“Human beings have the possibility to start from scratch and by their own merit realize that the will of the Father is truly the best way – the way creation will develop for the benefit of all. Then, once they are satisfied with this plan, they can participate in it and function as the Father would, for the greater good, while they grow in knowledge of God and discover additional dimensions of His unconditional love.”

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