Listening to and Hearing from On High

Urantia, March 3, 2019.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Listening to and Hearing from On High.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “It is when unbelief changes to steadfast faith that miracles begin to happen. As long as mere shadows of doubt remain, you will wholly live in the physical, material world. Only when your doubts turns to total conviction, do you walk with your God through whom all things are possible.

“This is what I endeavor to teach you; that through complete willingness on your part to listen in the Silence within, where I, your eternal Complement reside, no information will be misconstrued by you.

“Yes dear one, I know that the achievement of true listening skills is a most difficult craft to master. When this is achieved, no misunderstandings will arise, so no misinformation will be passed on by you.

“This has happened countless times in the ages past, when men imposed messages upon others what they had ‘heard’ from on High. Much grief and sorrow has come from this, as they misconstrued messages and made those into laws for others to obey.

“Especially women and children have suffered most, and suffer even more now than ever with supposed inequality and in servitude to men, when young girls are often denied proper care and education on par with boys.

“Your Master Jesus, His disciples and the true prophets of old never taught such things and very few even now know that Jesus also had 12 women apostles, who ministered to the poor, the sick and the dying. Yes, the women have always been the caretakers on the planet.

“This is all to be rectified in this new time of Correction, instituted from on High.

Meanwhile My child, practice listening to the divine Voice within.”

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