Insanity or Possession

Illawarra District, Australia, March 24, 2019.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe (Sananda).
Midwayer Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8).

Subject: “Insanity or Possession.”

Message received by George Barnard.

George: “We have been asked to come up with the required answers to a seven-year-old boy’s rather drastic misbehavior at home and in the class-room. We wish to know if the problem is genetically passed on, recent or dating back and also is there a borderland influence associated with his outbursts as he says he does not recall them. He is seven but his language is of one much older. Are we here looking at a serious mental disorder in the making or possession, is our question?

The Scribe: “It’s good to be here. You addressed Me, My friend, but when I Am asked to look at the distant past, the more recent past, the specific individual and his parents, you need to understand that there are things I cannot tell you, because I will likely foresee difficulties of the future that may come between you and the parents of this boy. Since you asked Dr. Mendoza some weeks ago to look in on the child, I will hand you over to the doctor now and say Adieu.”

Dr. Mendoza: “Greetings, my student, this is Dr. Mendoza. There is quite a large body of information that I have gathered on our youngster. There are a number of recommendations I will make. First of all, the so-called medicinal ‘upper’ he is daily taking is quite the opposite of what he truly needs. A ‘seratonin-enhancing’ medicine is called for and that will now happen soon enough as he will be treated by the best of professionals. Seratonin, a famous truth drug, will make him think instead of swiftly losing all reasoning and going into one of his instant ‘melt-downs’ that I, indeed, witnessed at his home.

“I need you and many of your readers to understand that VR (Virtual Reality) can seriously and also permanently interfere with the brain’s function as well as the psyche of a percentage of users of rather young age. You (humans) will begin doing your research into this new general product only when this becomes obvious and frankly beyond doubt. Angels and especially Cherubim guarding your young children have for years recorded that there are notable mood swings in some of the susceptable young ones.

“Their was a criminal 16 generations back from this young man, as you say, “an absolute rogue” and some of that DNA quirk has come to the fore at this time. As well there is bipolar illness and suicide in the immediate family. However, rest assured that the problem with this boy will be overcome. He will need close supervision till then.

“Quite besides all this, your Aussie scientists have made huge inroads into a likely cure for many cancers.”

George: “We didn’t know. We’ve been rather preoccupied. We thank you, Dr. Mendoza and the Scribe.”

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