The Gatekeepers of Peace

Oregon, US of A, February 1, 2019.
Mother Spirit/Nebadonia.
Subject: “The Gatekeepers of Peace.”

Message received by Anyas.

Mother Spirit/Nebadonia: “To tell you more about Myself, let us ponder the role of a Mother in the home life. She is the ‘baby carrier,’ and her womb has been conceived to be its first life-supporting universe. Filled with warm amniotic fluid, it serves as a peaceful ‘immersion chamber’ for the growing embryo.

“It should tell you that the process of conception to birth has been deeply, wisely, and lovingly thought out to give the embryo the best odds at making it to the first finish line of its eternal career — its emergence into the soul nursery of planetary life.

“After its ‘delivery’ into the world, the mother’s ministry evolves and expands. She remains the ‘comfort zone’ of the child — its ‘peace-full harbor.’ From the safety of the womb to the cradle of her arms, the newborn should experience a smooth transition and receive a loving orientation into its new living quarters — giving it the necessary time for self-exploration as a separate entity. Its umbilical cord was severed at birth, which would constitute a traumatic event, had its ‘emotional umbilical cord’ simultaneously been severed.

“Mother Figures are the ‘Gatekeepers’ of My peace. What does it tell you about the sanctity of your assignment? As your Divine Mother, I entrust you with this holy duty. I AM Love, and I AM Peace. Come to me whenever you need to recharge your Heart and your Mind with My always benevolent influence.

“Indeed, My daughters have been vested with the divinely-ordained assignment of acting as Peace Makers and Peace Keepers. Their circle of influence is not limited to their offspring and should also positively impact their male counterparts who have acted as the planetary warriors for way too long.”

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