The Father Uses You in Your Brokenness

Oregon, US of A, January 28, 2019.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Father Uses You in Your Brokenness.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “Paradoxically, human beings are very demanding of others, while soliciting much leeway for themselves. Unrealistically, they expect a perfect track record from their appointed leaders and subject them to constant harsh criticism, failing to see that they, too, need emotional support and empathy.

“It requires much courage to take the lead in spite of one’s insecurities, especially knowing the ways of the world. Those with sincere hearts are stepping up to the plate despite their feelings of inadequacy. They are following their inner calling, and, in and by itself, this constitutes an ‘act of valor.’ They become the Moses of the world — the champions of some worthy cause.

“Moses was not perfect. He was moody, fearful, and resisting in taking leadership. Once convinced of his mission, he put his ‘meticulous gifts’ to higher service and thus became a spiritual ‘giant.’

“Because Moses did not consider himself to be an eloquent speaker, God appointed his brother Aaron as his spokesperson — using the best of each character to promote His purpose.

“Dear ones, you live in a broken world — a world that the Father wishes to heal. As well, He has to deal with your brokenness. To succeed, He draws your attention to your strengths — what you can place on the offerings table RIGHT NOW. At the same time, He patiently helps you fortify the weak aspects of your budding personality.

“In the salvation of your world, time is of the essence and resourcefulness is a must. If you were stranded on an island after a storm shattered your skiff, you would collect whatever pieces land on the shore and figure out what you can turn them into to survive. You may use some of them to start a fire to keep you warm while building a raft with the bigger salvaged pieces.

“It is how the Father assesses you. Pool your talents, while making generous allowances for your shortcomings. Such is the Father’s way, and it is how humankind will succeed in co-engineering its salvation. Indeed, the Father uses you in your brokenness. Which other options does He have?”

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