The Tipping Point and Patience

Illawarra District, Australia, February 12, 2019.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “The Tipping Point and Patience.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “There is something about impatience, the reasons for it and a state of mind that frequently causes its importance to be blown out of all proportion. You, my friend, have long been subject to this, as you have recently come to understand through meditation and direct input from your busy celestial helpers. I Am the Damascus Scribe and I refer to the positive signs that are appearing on our world towards the instigation of our times of Light and Life. And, yes, I speak with authority here. This is very much My world, too, having guided our Michael Son on His final bestowal.

“Long ago you were informed about a ‘tipping point’ that is nearing and is now so very close. It deals with the dimishing percentage of the population that owns half of what this world has to offer and with the ever-growing percentage that lays claim to the other half. Countless humans are disadvantaged by such unfair distribution of wealth. Among these, my human friend, you will find those that promote sisterhood and brotherhood, equalty and your Australian ‘Fair Go’.

“The ensuing brotherhood of all mankind is not so far away. It needs a trigger — good or bad — and the tipping point will then have been reached, yes.

“Consider how it is that English is vying to be the world language and, who cares if it is English, Spanish or Mandarin but where it concerns coming to an eventual language for all or for most — here we go again, ‘tipping point’ — both the British and US in turn striving for world control have brought us towards that tipping point. So, arguably, something bad is by default bringing us all something good. Can you see how it is that this world and almost all in it will fare well but for you perhaps destroying our planet?

“I bring to your mind Ezekiel’s warning. Heed his warning!

“Without any great doubt, for the Correcting Time to conveniently slot into the advent of Light and Life it is necessary for the Magisterial Son, Monjoronson, to be here. The later presence of Michael, the Son of God and Creator of the local Universe of Nebadon will ensure that this planet, nay all inhabited local universe planets, will have a common religion.

“Long ago you were told and reminded by Machiventa that ‘the soup is still in spin’ and again that it is a definite ‘tipping point’ we are waiting for to bring this world up to par with those that have matured without ever having been isolated. Look forward to this to come about but have some more patience. We love you all.”

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