Into Bliss Everlasting

Urantia, February 3, 2019.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Into Bliss Everlasting.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Open your mind dear child. Open your mind and allow Me to flood you with abundance — an abundance of love, you can turn into loving thoughts toward anyone you meet or come into contact with.

“Get the ‘self’ out of the way, so Spirit can move through you — through your thoughts, through your speech, through your actions. Be an open and pure vessel for Me to use, so I can pour My Healing love through you to others. You did not know that love heals? I see that question in your mind.

“Let Me tell you this: each time you come to Me with an open and trusting mind, you get healed a little more, so darkness will flee and a little more light of insight and understanding will dawn.

“It is in your persistent seeking of Me where the greatest healing lies. The human mind is like a heavy door, which needs to be wedged open a fraction at a time, too much light would make the human mind greatly unstable.

“This is why drugs to achieve and enhance so-called enlightenment never work, and the inevitably following letdown becomes an enslavement, as it makes the mind hungry to ‘go there’ again, meanwhile damaging the so very delicate neurons in the process.

“The brain and the mind have the innate ability to achieve bliss all on their own when they are ready and unencumbered by chemicals of any kind dat may endanger them.

“Therefore My child, purity and sincerity are to be had the gentle and certain way, one day at a time.

“Follow Me and I shall lead you into Bliss everlasting. There is never a need for anything else when you have Me. And I Am all there is.”

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