Playing by Different Rules

Oregon, US of A, November 26, 2018.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Playing by Different Rules.”

Message received by Anyas.

“You hold grudges and nurse vengefulness in direct proportion to your ignorance of the inner nature and true longing of your children and your fellow beings.” [UB 1898:05]

Thought Adjuster: “Let us view the above statement in light of the contrasting demeanor of Jesus while He walked among you. Never did He nurse grudges nor entertain vengefulness. How did He manage to do so when ruthlessly subjected to the harsh criticism of His fellow men, their sarcasm, and false testimonies? Wouldn’t this — in your eyes — justify His entertaining grudges and scheming revengeful agendas? Wasn’t Jesus cut from the same carnal cloth?

“He certainly was, but differed in the attitude of His tender heart. He was highly protective of its emotional integrity, viewing it as the ‘goodwill’ ambassador of His Father’s Heart. He never broke His vows of loyalty to the divine will. Rather than wishing harm to befall those who attacked His flawless character, He wondered what had rendered them so bitter, critical, and self-righteous.

“He was a student of men, striving to understand human nature with all the kinks and complexity stemming from the traumatic Lucifer rebellion so genetically passed down. As a spiritual Savior, how could He remedy them?

“Jesus broadcasted many ‘breaking good news’: the unconditional Divine Love and Forgiveness toward humankind, infused with the compassionate understanding of their difficult condition. He set the record straight as to their Family of Origin, and much more. Those disclosures were game-changers, which is the very reason why Jesus did not ‘play by the same rules’ as did His fellow men.

“Rather than blaming them for their shortsightedness, He exculpated them in His heart, understanding that ignorance was the main culprit. He was ever willing and ready to associate with them, initially lowering Himself to their conversational level, listening to what they had to say, before imparting them with small gems of heightened understanding — thus lifting them, and blessing them with valuable guidance.

“Dear ones, do not let grudges and vengefulness get the better of you — or rather trigger the worse in you. They are huge roadblocks standing in the way of world peace — starting with your inner world. Let go of them! Instead, strive to understand the exculpatory circumstances of your fellow men by being attentive listeners to their said or unsaid. Such is God’s way.”

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