Your Spiritual Life is not an Optional Feature

Oregon, US of A, November 20, 2018.
Mother Spirit (Nebadonia).
Subject: “Your Spiritual Life is not an Optional Feature.”

Message received by Anyas.

Mother Spirit: “My dear earthly children, as a doting Mother, there is so much I want to convey to you to foster your spiritual development and make it enjoyable. Indeed, your spiritual life should not be dissociated from your physical experience. Many of you consider it as ‘optional,’ which is in some way accurate, due to your freedom of choice. However, ultimately, if you genuinely take your life seriously, it has to include the vision you entertain for your eternal life.

“Over-focusing on your material existence amounts to shortsightedness — if not soul blindness. Beloved children, the time has come for Me to invest more of Myself in your lives — yours willing. The time has come for the planetary energy field to be cleansed of the remnants of the Lucifer rebellion. The time has come for you to look at each other with sparkles in your eyes — telltales of the Love you have come to embody. It is what will correct your spiritual vision. It is what will make you grasp that you are hoping for a happy ‘forever-and-ever-after,’ as Love is a feeling that you want to be all-encompassing and never-ending.

“You have been conceived to be receivers/transmitters of the Father’s Love Substance. What honor it is to partake of its chain of custody! Be mindful not to breach that trust! Instead, be intent on strengthening your link. It is what I am counting on, as I pour down more abundantly of My very own Spirit. Breathe Love; feel Love; speak Love; act Love. Let it infuse the content of your life, and you will become powerful co-creators — no longer enabling hatred to trespass on this world but substituting it for the Love you have been created to embody to the fullest as the glorious children of Love and Light.”

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