Stay in Your Peace

Asheville, NC, US of A, December 09, 2018.
Trinity Teacher: Uteah.
Subject: “Stay in Your Peace.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Uteah: “My Dear Students,
Stay in your peace — connect the heart with the mind and picture a placid lake and a sunrise emerging from the horizon of the water. Feel the warmth of the rising sun on your face and feel a gentle breeze against your skin. Listen for the birds and wildlife to awaken to the new day. See a cloudless blue sky unfold and know that the Creator lives in all things. You are a part of all there is and you are connected to the light, the elements, to all other creatures — you belong to the earth and you are intimately connected to the Creator through His Indwelling Spirit.

“Breathe deeply and take in the air that was created for your material body and feel the ground beneath you — your feet planted firmly on the ground. You are a child of the Creator. He lives in you and sees the world through your eyes. Stay in this peace and release all thoughts about your life circumstances and be quiet in your soul. You are now in an eternal moment where time vanishes and you may connect with this Indwelling Spirit of the Creator living within you and share what is coming in through your senses — the beauty of the moment. Be aware of the Creator’s Presence and acknowledge this union of the Creator and creature in partnership.

“It is your expression in life, tailored by your unique personality that creates the experiences that are harvested by this Creator and kept safe in your soul for eternity. All Truth — all Beauty — all Goodness is kept there and shared with the Creator. Run along the lake shore in your bare feet and splash in the water — share this child-like moment with your Indwelling. Let the towering trees be your cathedral and give thanks and have gratitude for this shared life you have in this moment. Speak to the Creator and offer your life of experiences as a shared gift and ask that you be reminded to stay in your peace — that you share each moment with your Creator.

“When you are in your peace, you come back to center and know that you are sharing. Peace is a state of higher awareness — the awareness of your sonship with your Creator. In peace, you are the observer of creation. In peace does all creative expression flow. In peace do you see clearly without interference or distraction. In peace do you hear the divine whisper and see the open door — a new horizon — a new possibility for meaningful purpose. In peace do you know all things move in the procession of the great wheel of life. In peace do you stand in the Presence of your Creator.

“Peace is your greatest strength in a world that wants to continually pull you into its confusion and drama. In drama do you feel the separation from your shared experience with the Creator. Choosing to stay in your peace is a decision that removes you from the drama and instantly brings you back to center. My students are to practice this ‘choosing’ to be in your peace and to remember to go there in the midst of the confusion and drama in life. In peace is the only way you can connect with Spirit, and in peace is truly the only way to connect to the heart of another soul.

“Connect with me, my dear students, and stay in your peace. I AM here for you should you desire to sort out your life and find a direction that leads to a greater understanding. I will listen patiently and you shall discover that your Creator speaks to you directly when you are in your peace and points the way forward toward an unfolding destiny — an astonishing life.

“My peace be upon you,
I AM Uteah.”

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are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. 11:11 Store