Wrongdoing and Absolution

Illawarra District, Australia, December 3, 2018.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “Wrongdoing and Absolution.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “This is your Friend, The Scribe of Damascus, speaking with you on this occasion with the agreement of, the assistance and the love of your very own Thought Adjuster. The subjects of our talk, our discussion, are wrongdoing and absolution which are pretty words for sins or misconduct and forgiveness. And yes, we were aware, as you say, that you knew that already.

“All of the Father’s Paradise Creatures are perfect right from the start. They might need to be educated, like we, the Thought Adjusters, are educated before we ‘are let loose’ on unsuspecting humans, but we are perfect in behavior if initially lacking in experience. In all fairness, it is rare for any creatures like angels, under normal circumstances, or even Thought Adjusters put in charge of their human dependants to be found to have made mistakes. We all have distinct functions and so we are ‘cast out there’ in great numbers by the Father to fulfill those diverse tasks, willingly and flawlessly.

“It is different entirely for humans. Indeed, you are born not fully programmed and the education you receive is hardly a plain and simple spiritual one. Human upbringing is often compared to the way steel is tempered, how it is hardened by fire and water to function at its utmost best. Humans make endless mistakes and, you know, you are supposed to be making mistakes, each one of you, all of you, every day and throughout your lives. That’s how you learn, how you progress. On occasions you witness another making a mistake and thereafter ‘paying the price’ for their mistake. You are unlikely to make a similar mistake and your angels and your Thought Adjuster applaud you for having learned from another’s experience.

“You are human, as ‘incomplete a son of God’ as you can be at birth and, at the same time, gifted with the potentials to become one of His mightiest Co-creators. Strictly speaking, through your free-will ability and your intelligent choices, you can become whatever you feel like becoming in time eternal. Your wish, your birthright, your very legacy, but at this point in our lesson for today I must mention one important point; absolution. You must request forgiveness for every wrong turn you made, every rule you broke and every person you hurt in all . . . Sincerity.

“This is Sananda, The Damascus Scribe, and we all love you.”

George: “We love you, too.”

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